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Become a Child Passenger Safety Technician

If you’re passionate about keeping children safe, you may be interested in becoming a Child Passenger Safety Technician. Being certified in Child Passenger Safety is a important and necessary skill you can bring to your community and to many health and safety organizations.

To become a Child Passenger Safety Technician you must take a 32 hour class on Child Passenger Safety through Safe Kids Worldwide. There is a national certification fee of $95.00 and usually a local fee.

What will you learn in the class?

  • How to select the appropriate safety seat for a child
  • How to install car seats using LATCH and seatbelt systems
  • How to educate community members on Child Passenger Safety
  • How to run a car seat check event
  • How to maintain your certification
  • …and more!

Why is being a Child Passenger Safety Technician fun?

  • It’s social! You get to work (and network) with other CPS technicians and instructors.
  • It’s challenging! Installing a seat takes problem solving.
  • It’s a skill! You can directly help families in the community at check events.
  • It’s active! You’re on your feet and outdoors!
  • It’s important! You are making a difference through community education.

Upcoming Child Passenger Safety Courses in Connecticut:

Please go to to register for a class and for additional class details. All classes require a $95 certification fee, plus a local fee. Seating is limited so register soon!